Riders commuting downtown during rush hour

No such study has focused on usage in the District. Riders commuting downtown during rush hour, wearing loafers and nice pants, usually wear helmets. Cyclists wearing gear like clip on bike shoes or Lycra jerseys or padded shorts generally do so as well.

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“It takes great courage for survivors in a case like this to come forward,” Rollins said. “Members of law enforcement are held to a higher standard of conduct because the public’s trust in them is vital. Victims turn to police in the aftermath of a crime and police turn the community to help solve crime.

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(Otto) Glesne and some of the others, and really pushed for Fort Dodge to join (the IGHSAU), Price said. That happened because of her persistence and the school board cooperation. A result, Price was able to participate with one other teammate in the district golf tournament that year.

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